Tax Agency Number (TAN) 30004113

UAE VAT Registration

UAE VAT Registration

UAE VAT Registration

How to register your business for VAT/Tax?

UAE VAT Registration : Federal Tax Authority has opened VAT Registration for UAE companies. Click here

The link opens up to a page wherein either you can login if already a user or create a new account for your company. Business Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) is now open. If your annual sale is more than AED 375,000 then you MUST register for VAT. The outcome of the registration will be a Tax Registration Number (TRN). You first need to create the login on FTA’s website. You can access the link for the VAT registration here

Before you start your registration, please make sure you have following documents/information ready with you.

●  Trade License(s)

●  Certificate of Incorporation (Free Zone Companies)

●  Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)

●  Articles of Association/ Partnership Agreement (if applicable)

●  Contact Information

●  Bank Account details

●  Financial Statements

●  Customs details (if applicable)

●  Authorized Signatory documents

Click here for the Vedio link