DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) Auditing Service

DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone)

DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) Auditing : Saif Chartered Accountants, Dubai

DAFZA auditing


Dubai Airport Free Zone was officially established by the Government of Dubai, which is to promote Dubai as a successful global hub for business, trade and investment.

International investors can enjoy dynamic growth through DAFZA’s excellent incentive packages including 100% tax exemption, 100% foreign ownership and no currency restrictions. Located strategically within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport, DAFZA offers a range of modern facilities with a state-of-the art infrastructure.

DAFZA Location

Dubai Airport Free Zone is located in the emirate of Dubai, which has rapidly risen to the proud position of being the business and commercial hub of the Gulf and Middle East. It situates near the second terminal of Dubai Airport.

Type of license available in DAFZA

  1. Service license
  2. Industrial license
  3. Trading license

Features of DAFZA

  • 100% Foreign company ownership
  • 100% Repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% Corporate, Personal Income Tax exemptions
  • Exemption from all import and export duties
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures
  • Companies at DAFZA Free Zone can operate 24 hours a day

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