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Online Accounting – What we do?

CLOUD BASED ACCOUNTINGCloud computing is everywhere – literally!  Having your accounting and payroll functions hosted on line has several advantages:

One concern expressed with outsourcing is the potential loss of management control over finances.  Business owners often ask themselves:

  •  Can I still approve checks before they are mailed?
  • Will I really know what is going on if my books are kept off site?
  • What happens if something comes up and I need a check today?

In reality, with a properly designed process with clear lines of responsibility, the opposite is true.  During our initial planning meeting, we discuss with you how key controls steps will be assigned, such as:

  • Approving invoices
  • Managing cash flow by deciding when invoices will be paid
  • Signing checks and authorizing ACH transfers
  • Approving timesheets and changes to pay rates
  •  Designing management reports that will greatly enhance your oversight control over finance and operations

Finally, we understand that business is not predictable!  Daily demands do not always adhere to a set schedule no matter how well established.  Special requests such as an AP check, special report, or employee bonus are to be expected.  We will do what it takes to meet your request as part of our monthly service – no additional fees involved.

  • The ability to “go green” by eliminating much of the paper support for accounting and payroll transactions
  • In our “cloud”, we create a virtual desktop from where you will launch your QuickBooks and document storage applications. These virtual desktop applications reside on servers in secure data centers .
  • Our Payroll and HR services are also on-line applications with a separate log-in.  Each site is easily accessed through our web site.

  • An outsourced back office solution for accounting, payroll and financial reporting has many advantages:
  • The talents and expertise of a complete accounting department – trained professionals at a fraction of the cost
  • Greatly improved internal controls

Online Accounting : Specialties

Online accounting
See your cashflow in real-time. Just login anytime, anywhereFinancial reporting
Up-to-date reporting with quick links to all the original transactions.

Do pay runs and track wage expenses or connect with your payroll system.

Pay bills
Manage your spending and make bill payments in bulk to creditors.

Free online support
Unlimited, around the clock email support and detailed online help centre.

Bank reconciliation
Automatically import and code your bank transactions.

Create and send invoices automatically and get paid online.

Expense claims
Handle personal expenses – just review and approve receipts.

See your cashflow in real-time. Just login anytime, anywhere

Reconcile foreign currency accounts. Gains and losses are calculated for you.

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